Stop If You Find This When House Hunting

house hunting

People everywhere are constantly looking for places to stay. Whether they are moving into their new home or leasing a condo, they need to know what they are getting into. There are many owners that try to hide a home or condos imperfections, but some make it so what they are doing can be somewhat illegal. There are many thing that need to be considered and I will go over them before you get into a situation where  ignorance cost you more money than you can afford.

The smell of fresh paint

Don’t let the freshly painted home fool you. Under that fresh paint could be many hidden things that would other wish deter you from buying the home.  If you focus on only how pretty the paint looks, you will miss out on the things that matter the most and will cost more to replace.

Do we have a plumber in the house

You don’t want to move into your home or condo and find out that you have a major plumbing problem. If you know nothing about what a good plumbing system is suppose to look like hire a plumber to inspect the home you want to buy.

Pest and rodent problem

If you are anything like me a pest or rodent problem will stop you dead in your tracks.  I had a family member that did not fully inspect the home for rodents and they had to call someone for some kind of rodent control on a new home that they had just bought. The biggest sign is feces in corners and up in the attic or basement.

Raise the roof

Have you ever driven by a house and seen that for sure that house needed a new roof. Well it is not always that simple to gage whether the house that you are looking at needs a new roof. Here are some tips that can help you when their is no expert around to tell you how bad a the condition of the roof is. Check for missing, cracked or balding shingles.  Look for signs of water damage or leaks. Make sure you don’t see any dark trails or marks. If possible look around the chimney for cracks.

Don’t sink in

Last, make sure the foundation is able to withstand many more years  to come. You don’t want to move in and know that you will have to move right out, because your foundation is not suitable. Make sure you have someone inspect how sturdy your foundation is.  It is best to get your house inspected professionally but you must also have to do your do diligence when seeing if you are making the right decision in your house hunting adventure.

What Kind of Cosmetic Treatment Do I Want?

I went to the dentist and I wasn’t sure what was best for me. I went to the dentist feeling like I wanted one thing, but wanted to know more of what my choices could be.

What I got from going to a dental offices  was the they offer a variety of treatments to respond to the needs of people. After a preliminary check up, my dentists basically recommend some cosmetic options.

To help understand what type of procedures is best for each person like me, the following  information was presented to me.

1.     Bleaching or Teeth Whitening

Adult teeth have a natural tendency to appear darker, yellowish or stained with age. In addition, other factors such as drinking coffee and tea, taking medications, smoking tobacco, exposure to high levels of fluoride and tetracycline, tooth decay and root canal issues can cause teeth discoloration.cosmetic implant services

As a remedy, bleaching is a popular chemical process used to whiten the teeth.  Using whitening agents is a safe treatment that can be performed by a dentist in his/her dental clinic or it can be done at home under dental supervision. Using bleaching agents frequently, however, may cause tooth sensitivity, so be sure to follow directions closely particularly when done at home.

Teeth whitening done in the dental office is preferred because although stronger bleaching agents are used, the dentist makes sure that the gums and the mouth are always protected. It takes about one hour per session but a single visit can make the teeth up to 10 shades brighter.

With supervised at home teeth whitening, the dentist creates a mouth tray that fits the patient exactly to avoid leaking whitening solution that may cause gum irritation. He/she also recommends the right amount of whitening solution to make sure the teeth are properly exposed for maximum results. This method usually takes two to four weeks depending on the brightness the patient wishes to achieve. Over-the-counter teeth whitening products may also be purchased but it is safer to have dental supervision especially when there are oral concerns to deal with.

2.     Tooth-Colored Fillings for Cracks and Cavities

In the past, dentists used metallic fillings such as silver amalgam to fill in the cracks and cavities resulting from the decay of teeth. This type of filling is very durable but does not have the same color as natural teeth.

Today, fillings made from composite resins (plastic resin with silica filler) are used. They resemble the natural color and feel of the teeth so it is almost impossible to tell the difference. Cracks and cavities of the teeth are filled with these white composite resins and then hardened using high-intensity blue light.

Another advantage of using composite resins is it allows the dentist to save more of the healthy tooth material. With amalgam fillings, the dentist needs to undercut the tooth, which actually weakens the tooth and makes it prone to cracking, to hold the amalgam in place. This is no longer a problem with composite resins.

3.     Tooth Bonding for Chipped Teeth

Tooth bonding is the cosmetic dental procedure of choice for repairing chipped teeth or teeth with rough spots. Two types of materials are bonded directly to the chipped tooth: composite resin and porcelain. Composite resin is similar to the tooth-colored fillings and has properties similar to dentin, the inner tooth material. Porcelain has properties that imitate the enamel, the outside tooth material.

After smoothening and polishing the bonded material, it looks and feels natural. It matches the surrounding teeth perfectly so that the repair is not obvious. This treatment can be done quickly in one session but it can last several years with proper maintenance. Tooth bonding is a cheaper option for repairing chips than veneers.

4.     Closing Gaps Between the Teeth

Small gaps between the teeth can be closed using tooth-colored fillings. This procedure makes each tooth appear wider.

With large gaps between the teeth, dentists recommend bonding veneers to the front of the teeth. Ultra-thin sheets of porcelain, ceramic or resin materials are used as veneers so they come with a very natural look. Porcelain veneers are costly while resin veneers are cheaper but the latter chip and stain easily. Veneers may also be employed for treating cosmetic defects such as chipped, stained or crooked teeth. Adding veneers usually takes more than one visit to the dentist.

At other times, dentists recommend patients to use orthodontics or braces to close the gaps. A variety of brace options are available including invisible braces or clear orthodontic aligners. It is best to ask your cosmetic dentist about all the possible options and related issues.

5.     Recontouring Uneven Teeth

Tooth recontouring or reshaping is a very simple cosmetic dental treatment which involves removing small amounts of tooth enamel to change the shape, length or surface features of the tooth. It can be used to remove teeth overlaps or minor crevices to avoid tartar or plaque build-up. If you have uneven teeth or irregularly shaped teeth, this cosmetic dentistry work is what you need.

This procedure can only be undertaken if the tooth enamel is thick enough and the pulp is not close to the surface. The cosmetic dentist takes an x-ray of the teeth and evaluates if it is feasible to proceed with the recontouring.

After the procedure, there’s the possibility of having tooth sensitivity because of the removal of enamel that protects the dentin. If that happens, desensitization or adding a thin layer of bonding material may be performed by the dentist.

6.     Crowns on Damaged Teeth

A crown, also called a cap, is a cover shaped like a tooth that is placed over a tooth. Dentists recommend putting a crown to save what is left of a tooth that is badly damaged or decayed.

Crowns may be made from ceramic, metal and porcelain with varying life span from 7 years up to 40 years depending also on a person’s good oral hygiene. Some people specifically choose porcelain crowns for esthetic reasons. Porcelain crowns are very durable but chronic tooth-grinders or jaw-clenchers must wear a mouth guard at night to protect the crown from excessive pressure.

The process of putting a crown is not easy as root canal treatment and building up a foundation may or may not be necessary. Two visits at the least are needed unless the cosmetic dental clinic has a machine that can create the crown. Otherwise, a temporary crown will be put on the first visit and will be replaced with the permanent customized crown will be put on the second visit.

7.     Dental Implants for Missing Tooth

When missing a tooth, this dental cosmetic surgery of putting implants to replace the roots of the missing tooth is a very good option.  Getting dental implant services can be a long process. Dental Implant are made of titanium and are directly connected to the jaw bone. When it has sufficiently fused with the jaw bone, only then can a crown be attached to complete this cosmetic dentistry option. Definitely, this is not a one-day process. It actually takes months to complete the entire procedure.

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